It is no great mystery. A few strong elements and the chances of a prospective client opening your email increases dramatically. It has long been considered the marketing tool with the highest chance of return on investment. There is something about the trust that builds between a company and your email inbox. That is why it is crucial that the information you share with your audience is relevant, interesting and presented in a way that fits into their lives. Use the following formula to help create the best possible content pieces for your email marketing campaign.


If your inbox looks anything like mine does in the morning, you will understand why putting a good summary of your information at the top of an email is crucial to your success. None of us have the time these days to go hunting for information. We are used to things being at our fingertips, and at the top of your email, should be a brief and powerful description of what is to come.


The reason that email is so successful in converting clients is the relationship that is built over time. When I say “good lead” what I really mean is, RELATE. This is your opportunity to acknowledge your clients needs, wants, fears, problems and then to share with them how you can empathize, sympathize, and help to fix their problem… which comes next.


Now that they know what they are getting, and they are intrigued, its time to set the hook. This is a great part in an email to start utilizing effective typography and page layout. By now our reader’s attention span is hanging on by a thread and you are more likely to find people skipping to the end. Use bullet points, bolded words and short sentences to tell them why taking action will have a positive impact on them or their business.


Now reel it in. This is the moment you want to make everything easy-peasy for your prospective client. One button – clear, to the point – utilizing a good “Call To Action” statement. Be sure to include clear information following your call to action on what it is your client can expect to experience. Will you be in contact personally? Will they be receiving something in the mail, through an email or a phone call?


Finally – be sure to always include clear contact information and a sincere and genuine sign-off.

You have made it into their inbox. The battle is half won – now provide them with great content that enhances their day and their life and you have built the trust that sells products and services.