Case Study.

The staff at 5200 Meadows Executive Office Suites needed a new look and funtion of their outdated website. Having met at a networking event, we were happy to provide them with a quote on the project and in no time, we were able to present them with a design and hit the ground running on development. The result is a sleek and user-friendly website that we all love.


Web Design
User Experience Design

Creative Process

We worked with Sue and her team to capture existing content and imagery and supplemented that with photography and additional copywriting.

Our challenge was to design a site that would effectively communicate the many ways in which a potential client could use the services at 5200 Meadows Executive Office Suites

The use of dynamic call to action buttons and a strategic layout of information helped to ensure the user was taken on a journey as they navigated the site.

Content was pulled from the previous verions of the site and where necessary, additonal copy was written.

We found it best to get some current photography, so we did an onsite visit and grabbed some pictures of the space.

Research & Content

We knew there needed to be a clearer way to communicate the available space options to potential clients. After reviewing industry standards we built what we feels is the best solution.


Throughout the entire design and development process, we worked closely with Sue and her team. Design revisions were handled in a streamlined way and scheduled appointments to review the site meant we were able to accomplish a lot in very little time.


The use of stock photography alongside the proprietary photos we took helped us give the site a fresh and authentic look.

Launch Challenges

When it came time to launch there was the question of what hosting provider they had contracted with. After some communication with an IT specialist on staff we were able to track down the correct informaiton and get the site files to the right team. 

Website Functionality

The mobile display of this site was a high priority for this build. We utilized bullet point lists to create a quick-view approach to communicating value. Galleries of images and consistent use of larger call to action buttons make this site a great tool for mobile first users.


Slide-In Navigation

Responsive Design


Contact Forms


Site Management

5200 Meadows Executive Suites does not have regular changes to their content, so we were able to negotiate a management contract with them that fit within their budget and offered them the peice of mind that comes with managed maintenance.

Quarterly Check Ins

Each Quarter we check in to see if there are any updates to images or content. With our maintenance program we run a full back up of the site, update all software and security systems and ensure that the site is displaying properly across all devices.

On Call

A benefit of contracting Bridgetown Marketing for ongoing maintenance is the on-call support. If at any point you notice an issue with your site, our team responds within 24 hours with a diagnosis and a plan.


“The Green Electronics Council hired Bridgetown Marketing for an entire website overhaul.  We’re like many organizations, lots of demands on our time.  What was fantastic about Bridgetown Marketing is how efficient they were in everything they did!  A few short planning conversations resulted in a great design, rewrite and reuse of existing website text, quick drafting of personalized and intuitive graphics and several iterations of edits scheduled for our convenience. 

Malia served as our project manager and made sure everything was moving forward to plan, as well as being assessible at all hours (our team travels so there were lots of time differences to accommodate!)  We wanted to empower staff to make their own edits, so Bridgetown Marketing also developed and implemented a website training for staff.  We now have an attractive, relevant and secure website that far exceeds our expectations and that staff feel able to maintain. 

We were so happy with the website design that we continue to use Bridgetown Marketing for layout and design of other communications products.  Highly recommend!”

Nancy Gillis
Chief Executive Officer 

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