Case Study.

Nancy reached out to Bridgetown Marketing looking for help with user experience and content organization on their site. Through collaboration and a systematic approach to the content we were able to transform this overwhelming site of data and materials into an international resource with a user friendly design. We work with Green Electronics Council monthly to update content and systems on the site, lending support to their team and ensuring their online presence is professional and useable.


Web Design
User Experience Design
Graphic Design

Creative Process

We worked with a representative from every department to ensure their content was collected and organized in a streamlined and user focused way. 

Our challenge was to design a site that would retain a large amount of information in a more user accessible way.

Interior menus were built per department to keep the main navigation of this site clean and clear.

Content was cultivated from previous versions of the site and built into a singular page with interior drop links. This kept the navigation simple and resulted in a much more positive user experience. Longer user time on page has benefited the site in Search Engine Optimization as well.

Research & Content

Our process begins with the question, “what is the user looking for?”. From there we were able to build an external site map, organize content to fit that map, and begin our wireframe of the site.


Throughout the entire design and development process, we were in regular communication to get approval and suggestions from the team on a demo site that was built to respond just as a live site.


Green Electronics Council had a logo, but no true brand standards. In consulting with department heads, we designed a clean and sophisticated color palette, font combination and layout style.

Time Management

For a project of this size, an organized timeline is built. Regular check in calls and video conferences were scheduled to ensure we made the most efficient use of our client’s time.


“The Green Electronics Council hired Bridgetown Marketing for an entire website overhaul.  We’re like many organizations, lots of demands on our time.  What was fantastic about Bridgetown Marketing is how efficient they were in everything they did!  A few short planning conversations resulted in a great design, rewrite and reuse of existing website text, quick drafting of personalized and intuitive graphics and several iterations of edits scheduled for our convenience. 

Malia served as our project manager and made sure everything was moving forward to plan, as well as being assessible at all hours (our team travels so there were lots of time differences to accommodate!)  We wanted to empower staff to make their own edits, so Bridgetown Marketing also developed and implemented a website training for staff.  We now have an attractive, relevant and secure website that far exceeds our expectations and that staff feel able to maintain. 

We were so happy with the website design that we continue to use Bridgetown Marketing for layout and design of other communications products.  Highly recommend!”

Nancy Gillis
Chief Executive Officer 

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