Case Study.

Sara was a referral to Bridgetown Marketing and was in search of a fast and simple way to get her Event Planning Business online. With an abundance of imagery from past events, she was ready with her messaging and her photography but was stuck as to what her best option was for website design. In situations like these it is very easy to turn to a DIY website builder. We are so glad she went with Bridgetown Marketing. With our MicroSite she is now the proud owner of a customized WordPress Website that will rank higher, display better and offer her more growth capability for her business in the future.


Web Design
User Experience Design

Creative Process

We worked directly with Owner, Sara on what would turn out to be one of our fastest contract to launch Microsite projects to date.

Sara knew what she needed in a website.

Event planning and execution is one of those rare industries where the majority of the work is done before anyone sees a thing.

With such an experience based business, we knew we needed a site that was both visually appealing and also expressed the versatility of the service offerings.

What resulted was a dynamic and animated quick introduction of the business and brand. The site is user-centric and has that pop of “something special” that you expect from a truly memorable event.

Research & Content

With a client that knew, so clearly, what they needed from their site, the research and content collection process was fairly streamlined. We started from an outline of what needed to be included and worked the material we had around it.


Sara was clear on what she did and did not want the site to accomplish. When a client comes to us with a clear understanding of HOW they want users to feel, we can hit the ground running.


Outsourced Event Planning did not have a clear brand palette or style when we began. We provided resources for Sara to review and she was quickly able to pick the color and fonts that best represented her brand.

Time Management

With easy access to both the exact wording and the exact photography she was interested in utilizing on the site, this project came together in around two and a half weeks.

Website Functionality

The site for Outsourced Event Planning needed to be clean and modern looking, but also needed to offer a gallery of photography. 

This site displays beatufully with a grid gallery on desktop and tablet and then responds to mobile with a stacked gallery display.



Responsive Design


Contact Submission Form

Content Animation

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