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What is hosting?


What can you do with 1 hour a month?
  • Updates to Staff Profiles
  • Updates to Hours of Operation
  • Updates to Service Details/Product Details
  • Updates to Images of Products/Staff
  • Addition of opt-in, or changes to opt-in for newsletter subscriptions
  • And More!
What can you do with 3 hours a month?
  • Add new products or Remove outdated products from an online store
  • Add content and imagery for monthly blog posts
  • Update testimonials on your site
  • Update an Events Calendar
  • Update current event banners (closures, menus, changes in regular operations, etc)
  • And more!
What can you do with more hours?
  • Published weekly blogs 
  • Managed event registrations
  • Managed active commenting forums
  • Archival of large files (photographers, videographers, etc)
  • Updates to Inventory based online store
  • And More!

I hate tech stuff. I honestly would just live in a non tech world where we use word of mouth and gather in person. BUT that is not how things work, and I have a bigger audience to reach and purpose to fulfill than what in-person events and word of mouth can provide. So. Having someone to work with on the tech stuff (wordpress theme, file size, server migration, hacking and security, etc) is super helpful.

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  • FlyWheel hosting 
  • SSL certificate Installation
  • Daily Backups
  • WordPress Updates

When Bridgetown Marketing takes care of your website hosting, we manage all your hosting needs from installing and troubleshooting the security certificate on your site to communicating with customer service representatives with questions and updates. Having your website hosting professionally managed also ensures that you won’t need to learn to navigate another dashboard for another online tool that you don’t have time or interest in learning to manage.

How is your service different from GoDaddy Hosting?

Personalized & Attentive

With Bridgetown Marketing you will never sit waiting for a chat or bot to answer your questions. 

You get personalized, familiar answers to your questions. 

Bonus: You are supporting a Woman-owned small business.

What is a Server? Why do I need Hosting?

Knowledge is Power
We don’t expect you to understand website development or hosting anymore than we understand the miracle of modern plumbing.  We made this video to help you get a grasp on why your site needs a reliable host.

Don't Take Our Word For It...

Bridgetown Marketing has been managing our website since they built it. It has been a great asset to our business as we have no worries or added stress to worry about as far as our online presence goes. They are always very responsive and thorough and it is definitely been an asset to be able to just send an email and have items added, little changes made, pictures put on or just get questions answered without having to take on another task. They truly stand behind their tagline “We Just Take Care Of You”

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