Affordable, functional and beautiful custom-built websites designed for small businesses and individuals.
Optional Add-Ons:
Enhance your site with custom additions and functions. Bridgetown Marketing can customize a wide variety of features, so if there is an item or functionality that you don't see here, please don't hesitate to ask!
Additional Sections: $39
Our package includes 3 separate sections to highlight various areas of expertise/focus, but you have the option to include as many areas of expertise as you’d like!  Each section will be integrated into the navigation menu of your site, and each section can include up to 6 additional photos or embedded video links.  
Additional Pages: $49-$99
Want to add a separate page to showcase an additional project, skill or service?  We’ll build it to your custom specifications and integrate it with the navigation and menus of your site!  Prices vary depending on content/complexity of page.

Q: What is the difference between a “section” and a “page“?
A: A section is part of your home page.  When you visit your site, you simply scroll down to visit each section.  Navigation menus allow you to “jump” to various sections without needing to load a new page!  A page is a separate location within your website, and allows for a blank slate if there are areas you’d like to emphasize.  Sections are an efficient way to organize your skill areas, but pages are a great way to feature a more detailed gallery of work, a specialty or side business, a special project or other featured content!

Site Migration: $49
Migration (shifting your new site to its permanent home) is included in your package price, provided you elect to have your site hosted at one of our preferred hosts. These include: GoDaddy, Bluehost, HostGator, Flywheel or HostMonster

We are able to offer this service as a part of our package due to these hosting services’ favorable and efficient migration options.  Some hosts require a much more time consuming process, and are not included in our package price. 

Bridgetown Marketing will always work with clients to explore the most cost- and time-efficient methods.  If a client makes us aware of a new hosting vendor with reasonable migration options, we will happily include this service and add the vendor to our list of preferred hosts!  

Embedded Calendar: $29
Want to display dates for upcoming projects and appearances?  Embed your existing Google Calendar or iCal into your web site!  

Live Social Feed: $49
Display your latest posts and media directly on your web site, with automatic live updates!

Domain Registration: $49
Need help registering your domain name?  We can help! We will present you with available domain options and take care of getting your chosen domain name registered to you!  Note: domain “ownership” requires an ongoing fee – usually less than $15/year – that you will be responsible for paying.  If you choose to have us take care of this process for you, we will get you all set up for these fees to be charged to your payment method of choice!
Contact Form: $29
Allow visitors to contact you using an embedded online contact form! 

Site Facelift: $99
Our ongoing maintenance plans cover updates to information and content, but maybe you decide down the road that you’d like to change up the look of your page.  A facelift includes revisiting color, font, and layout options to spruce up your site!

Fast + Easy Content Collection
With one simple-to-use online form, clients submit content & design preferences in minutes!


Design + Develop
Once you’ve submitted your content and design preferences, we will get to work building an outstanding site to suit your individual tastes and needs.


After making any necessary changes, we will optimize your site for speed & mobile-compatibility.  If you’ve opted to host your site through Bridgetown, we will take care of publishing your site!  If you’ll be hosting the site on your own, we’ll “hand over the keys”!  (Assistance in setting up your finished site with other hosting companies is available as an add-on)

Satisfied Customers

“The amazing Malia Tippets and her company Bridgetown Marketing made me this new website! If you need help with your online presence, definitely contact her. She does good stuff!” www.benjamintissell.com

Ben Tissell

“They could not have made it easier or more affordable, nor returned a more slick and stylish product that expertly reflects and represents me. Think you can’t afford a professional website? Think again.” www.isaaclamb.com

Isaac Lamb

“I really can’t believe how amazing the site looks.  Not to mention how funny, charming and adorable the owner of Bridgetown Marketing is!” www.maliatippets.com

Malia Tippets

“This site is perfect for freelance artists and small operations.  It’s a perfect size to keep my portfolio curated and give out my information to potential employers.” www.joetheissen.com

Joe Theissen

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the catch?

No catch. We have streamlined this process with a focus on affordability, effectiveness and quality. Our basic packages offer different levels of support and added functionality at additional cost, but there are no hidden fees.

Are there any other fees to get started?

Nope. All of our sites have an initial cost of $399. Any additional costs are discussed prior to development and are based on overhead charges for ongoing maintenance or additional features that you choose to include on your site.

Is there a contract that locks me in?

Nope. We don’t like those. Payment terms are month-to-month, making it easy for you to make a change if necessary. All we ask for is a 30 day heads up!

What happens to my site if I cancel my hosting plan?

In the event that you want to cancel your hosting through Bridgetown Marketing you will have the option to either receive a backup file of your site or you can contract us to move it to a new host of your choosing.

What if I want to make changes to my site myself?

When you purchase a microsite, you will receive exclusive access to our training platform with videos and step-by-step guidance on making updates and changes to your site.

What if I have more questions that are not answered here?

That’s the beauty of this whole thing! We are here, we are real people who want to make this process really easy and really enjoyable for you. Got a question? Use the form below and we will get back to you right away!

What does ‘Performance Audit’ mean?

We want your website loading quickly and functioning properly. Because, let’s face it, you make us look good. So with the Pro plan we manage the way your site behaves online.

How do ‘Monthly Content Updates’ work?

We absolutely believe that you have best intentions of updating your site regularly with new content and images. We also know that you are an incredibly busy and important person. That’s why, each month you will receive a form to let us know what you want added, removed and edited on your site.  You should note that these updates are for content and information only, and do not include making design changes such as colors and fonts.  For a more in-depth design update, you can always opt for a site facelift!

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