About Bridgetown Marketing

We Take Care of You.

We don’t just make things beautiful. We make them work great too.

Your business needs an attractive Website that works. Does your website work for your business? Is it getting you closer to your long term and short term business goals? Let’s work together to make sure your most valuable employee (your website) is working as effectively as it can for your business.

My Story

My name is Malia Tippets and I have a passion for bringing simple, effective digital marketing to small businesses. After 3 years of conducting digital marketing in an agency setting I went out on a limb and started this business.  I decided to make it my personal mission to change the script on the Web Developer experience.

My motivation comes from partnering with  business owners with great potential. I have seen what an organized, well thought-out and customized website can do for companies that are ready to take the leap and grow.

Taking care of these companies and helping them to reach their potential is what gets me out of bed in the morning.

Our Process

I work with you one-on-one, to determine what you need, balanced with what your greatest dreams are for your site. We will focus on what will make the greatest impact on your brand and conversions and create a scope of work that fits your budget and goals.