About Bridgetown Marketing

My name is Malia Tippets and I have a passion for bringing simple, effective digital marketing to small businesses. After 3 years of conducting digital marketing in an agency setting I went out on a limb and started this business.  I decided to make it my personal mission to create customized digital marketing solutions for any small business owner who asked me for support. My motivation comes from partnering with small business owners with great potential. I have seen what an organized, well thought-out digital marketing plan can do for companies that are ready to take the leap and grow. Helping these companies reach their potential is what gets me out of bed in the morning.

How does this work?

We work with client’s one-on-one, to determine what digital marketing solutions will make the greatest impact on their brand and their sales leads. We meet, face-to-face or digitally, monthly to report on success and discuss adjustments to your program.

Malia Tippets | President, Bridgetown Marketing


Malia Tippets keeps an educated eye on shifts and trends in the digital marketing world. She casts a critical eye over marketing programs and provides her expert advice to small businesses throughout the nation.