Case Study.

Starting a business is challenging. From defining services or product offerings, to pricing, and hiring support staff, starting a business can be a full time job. Add to that, the struggle to find an affordable way to market that business online and it can seem insurmountable. That is where we found Danielle. With a passion for Theatre Education and seeing no great option for youth performers in her city, Danielle knew she wanted to create The Players Academy, and to offer a high level of quality theatre training for youth in her community.


Web Design
User Experience Design

Creative Process

We worked with Danielle and Jared to develop their unique brand. A combination of ‘old school’ charm and young playfulness.

Our challenge was to design a site that would attract new students, educate them on the value of the training and make it super simple to sign up for the current or upcoming term. 

With a modest budget, and a lot of heart, we worked together to build The Players Academy a MicroSite that would check all of the boxes. 

The result was a fun, user-friendly MicroSite with the ability to be regularly updated with new class schedules and curriculum. 


Research & Process

Our process began with the question, “how easy can we make this for our audience”? From there we were able to build a basic outline of the information and a map of how we wanted our audience to interact.


Throughout the entire design and development process, we were in regular communication to check in on the FEEL of this site. Three rounds of site design and revision got us to our final design.


Danielle and her team came to us with clear vision of their brand. It was a simple hop and skip from there to pull the colors and fonts into the site. We had fun playing with blocks and angles to keep the site playful and interesting.

Collection of Materials

For a service based business like this, imagery is super important. Obviously, for the first term we didn’t have any proprietary photography. We cultivated authentic feeling stock photography until we had the client provided photography needed. 


“Bridgetown Marketing was the perfect solution for our small business. Malia is a joy to work with, and she’s brilliant. She checked in with us every step along the way to make sure we were happy with her work. If you need a website, print or digital marketing, or search engine optimization, do yourself a favor and hire Bridgetown.

Danielle and Jared Valentine
Owners of Players Academy

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