For a LIMITED TIME ONLY we are providing information regarding CALLS TO ACTION!

Just kidding. This information isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon.

Calls to action are the small pieces of the marketing puzzle that inspire your audience to take action right now. There are standard Calls To Action that we are all used to seeing. “Submit”, “Click Here”, “Contact Us”, “Call Today”.

While I appreciate the clear instruction, I think it’s time we start approaching our audience in the way we wish to communicate in real life. How refreshing to be rewarded on a website with content that feels like a true conversation.

Here are some great examples of Calls To Action that can help to drive conversion on your website or within your marketing content across the internet.

100% no-risk guarantee

What is the price point on piece of mind? It’s invaluable. Building this trust by offering your audience an immediate guarantee can be the key to converting.

Join the [# of people] happy customers who have already started

Why take a risk? Reports show that more and more, consumers are relying on reviews from experienced clients or patrons to determine whether or not to consume your product or service.

Talk to Us

This simple statement implies the willingness to listen to, and actually hear your client. The casual tone implies a friendly relationship and that is the first step to selling your product or service.

Let’s do this!

Another Call To Action that implies a relationship. This doesn’t ask the prospective client to go-it alone. It implies that you will be working together, as a team.

Hook Me Up!

A more colloquial approach to getting a response from your audience. Removing the robot-voice from your website or social content can help to break the barrier between you and your prospective client.

Work With Me

Simple. To the Point. Personal. For service based industries this is a great way to suggest an instant inquiry.

Instant Access

You are on the VIP Guest List! Instant access means no waiting in lines, no forms to fill out and in our instant gratification culture – can be the perfect way to insight that meaningful action from your prospective clients.


Consider using one or many of these call to actions on your website. Be sure to take a baseline snapshot of your analytics for a before & after look at how changing the Calls To Action on your site can start driving your audience to convert.