Website management & maintenance

You have invested in a WordPress Website for your company. Congratulations! In order to get the best use and longest life out of this new marketing tool, we recommend regular updates. Consider this similar to servicing your vehicle. With regular updates to your site and the systems within it, we can ensure that your site will remain not only secure, but effective as a lead generating tool. We offer continued support with these updates and enhancements when you become an active monthly client with Bridgetown Marketing. Along with regularly scheduled maintenance, this support also comes in handy when unfortunate emergencies arise. Actively managed accounts receive redundancy backup services, providing us with a secure way of restoring your site, should anything happen. Check out the list below for some of the other important ways this support can help protect your new purchase.

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Active management of your site and marketing program starts at $200.00/mo. Compare those prices to what you may have to pay to have a new site developed due to poor maintenance and exposure.

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If you are interested in management services or if you have questions, please reach out to us at