Often times, when entering into a business relationship we rely on certain background questions to help us determine the true fibre of the person we are dealing with. I know, I will often ask the question – “How did you get started doing this?” or “How long have you been in the business?”.

Well, these questions have always made me feel a little bit uncomfortable.

Here’s the dirty, dirty truth about me.

I am….

A musical theatre major.

… you still here? Oh good.

For some reason, this information tends to provoke a certain lack of confidence in prospective clients. So I am here to clear a few things up and to share with you a little story – about a girl from Oregon – who had big dreams – achieved great things – and then created new dreams.

Eva and Che

That’s me! No joke. Eva Peron.

It is true. I went to college and earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theatre Performance, with a minor in Musical Theatre. At 19 years old I left the small town of Monmouth, Oregon to pursue a great dream of making it on Broadway! Through hard work, true grit and the Wendy’s dollar menu, I was able to find my pace in the rat race that is New York City. I was hired out of college to perform in the National Tour of the Broadway show Evita – taking over the lead role of Eva Peron and getting my first true taste of life as a professional [PAID] performer. I continued on in my career, which took me across the United States and eventually to Japan where I performed for Universal Studios for over two years. Ohayo gozaimasu!

After nearly 10 years of traveling, performing, auditioning, struggling, succeeding and learning-learning-learning … I realized that I had done what I came to do. It was time to start a new dream.

I relocated to Portland, Oregon where I was introduced to life in the “real world” – and by that I mean the 9 to 5. I noticed that my interests and passions were geared toward leadership, entrepreneurship and development of brands. I had the unique fortune of being drafted onto the ground floor of a local Digital Marketing Business and I cut my teeth. From day one I was hooked.

The rest is, as they say… history. I can now officially offer you my professional counsel on Digital Marketing, a kick-ass website and Social Media program and all while tap dancing!

You still here….

GOOD. Now let’s get to work.