Here is how Active Management of your website is an investment that pays for itself.

Your website cost you money. Whether you have a mini-site with just a few pages or a mega-site with ecommerce functionality – that money was valuable to you and your business. You likely took time to determine what you could afford and what you knew you needed to grow in the marketplace and to have your brand represented professionally online.

The digital marketing world changes in MANY ways ALL OF THE TIME.

  • Changes in platforms, plugins or themes are often unexpected and necessitate other adjustments throughout your sites functionality.
  • Updating a site with new content or adjustments to the functionality can often lead to broken links. Similarly, any outside links within your site are at the discretion of the original author and therefore can be moved and become inactive.
  • Your site is available to the WORLD WIDE WEB, and therefore anyone and everyone can offer their opinion where commenting is allowed.
  • Lastly, it is unfortunate, but there are some unsavory characters out there. Traffic through link structures is an online currency and hackers and spammers will do their best to use your investment for their gain.

Here is how Bridgetown Marketing protects you and your business through Active Management Services:

  • WordPress Platform Updates
  • Plug In Updates
  • Dead-Link Check-Ins & Mitigation
  • Spam Comment Management
  • Weekly Backup of Full Site
  • Minor Web Changes (2 hours per month)

For more information on each of the above – click on the link to be taken to our GLOSSARY of online terms!

In the event of an emergency…

The value of Active Management comes in the form of a watchful professional eye. But what happens when those not-so-savory characters get ahold of your investment? That is where Active Management truly shines.

  • Fully Restored Backup
  • Emergency Security Updates
  • Post Hack Validation & Mitigation
  • Server Side Support & Restoration
  • Temporary Splash Page
  • One-On-One consultation

It is a violation of your property and can leave a very unsettling feeling with you and your business. That is why Bridgetown Marketing steps in, takes control of the situation and communicates with you, one-on-one until the issues are resolved.

It is an investment. And it is worth it.

For a limited time only (seriously, we can only provide this level of support to a handful of clients) Active Management Services are provided FREE OF COST to Marketing Clients who contract for two or more services (Facebook Management, Email Marketing, SEO, ect). This opportunity is available to 4 more clients MAX.