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How long after the site launch will you fix issues or bugs on the site?

You will have a timeline of 30 days post-launch in which to contact us for technical support on the site. Supported changes include issues with the development of the site itself and do not include things like content changes, image changes or additional functionality. Please note that we have two full rounds of testing prior to your site going live to avoid any bugs or technical issues.

What if I want to hire you to make changes in the future on this site?

We offer affordable and time-saving management solutions to all of our clients. Your website will require a certain amount of updating each month (plugins, theme, wordpress). Upon launch you will be provided with a tutorial that will teach you how to make these updates yourself, but in the event that you don’t have the time or if you anticipate needing larger changes made to your site each month (additional pages, blog posts, etc) we are happy to take on that work for you under one of our management contracts. Don’t need regular support? You can contract Bridgetown Marketing for changes to your site outside of a management contract for our hourly rate of $75/hr. Those changes will be handled in priority order, with management clients holding priority.

What are the long term costs of launching the website?

A website has to live somewhere online. That is called your Server or Hosting Company. You can learn more about that from us here. Bridgetown Marketing is happy to host your site for you, and our hosting services start at $30/month. If you choose to purchase your own Elegant Themes license for the Divi theme that we use to build your site, you would also be looking at an annual charge for that license (around $90/year).

Will I own the site or will Bridgetown Marketing own the site?

You paid for it – it is yours. You will see a section in the contract regarding ownership of your site. Once the site is launched, the site belongs to you! The Divi Theme is a business tool that Bridgetown Marketing pays for in order to provide a premium theme to our clients. The license for that theme is owned by Bridgetown Marketing, but you are welcome to purchase your own license if you prefer.


Benefits of working with Bridgetown Marketing:

Sites Built With You In Mind: From start to finish, every website development project Bridgetown Marketing publishes is built with the intention of being a site you can easily manage and update yourself. That means, we customize your site without muddying up the coding. Everything is built on a platform that, with our customized tutorial, you will be able to manage for years to come.


A Personal Touch: We know that you could choose to build a square space site on your own. We are glad you have decided not to. While we do build from a basic set of user-experience focused rules, each site is customized and has your personal brand and voice. No cookie cutter templates here. 

It’s Just You and Me: I say “We” a lot, because I have a team of people helping to keep the Bridgetown Marketing gears moving – but when it comes down to it, it’s you and me designing and developing this site. That means one-on-one meetings where you have my full attention. We will design and build this site together, with my guidance and your vision.

“The amazing Malia Tippets and her company Bridgetown Marketing made me this new website! If you need help with your online presence, definitely contact her. She does good stuff!”

Ben Tissell

“They could not have made it easier or more affordable, nor returned a more slick and stylish product that expertly reflects and represents me. Think you can’t afford a professional website? Think again.”

Isaac Lamb

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