WordPress Websites.

Website Design and Website Development can be a hugely overwhelming process for business owners. That is why we are happy to provide dynamic, content-rich websites that will communicate with your target audience and provide a platform for the Search Engine Optimization that will keep your business at the top of potential client’s search results.

Fast. Affordable. Supported.

We work with a range of clients varying from first time entrepreneurs to long standing companies bringing a unique design to their online presence. Whether our client has a well-developed brand and vision or if they are looking for guidance through the branding process, we organize and streamline to get their wordpress website launched.

There is no mystery behind our pricing structure. We have options to make a website affordable for you. For more information on our website pricing, give us a call or fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we will discuss the best option for your budget.

The Bonus. Every wordpress website we build is accompanied by a custom video tutorial. We teach you how to maintain and manage your site so that you have full control and are not trapped paying a web developer to make small changes on your site forever.

Not interested in managing your site? Not a problem, we have site maintenance plans that can work with your budget and needs.



What is a WordPress Website?

What a silly question. Or is it? There are a lot of elements that go into developing, designing, launching, hosting and maintaining a website. We have broken this down for you below, but please remember that we are always willing to answer your questions via our form or a quick phone call! 



Your URL is the address where your website will live once it is live. You will purchase this from a Registrar. 

Hosting Company

Once your website has been created, it needs a space of it’s own online. You have the option to find your own hosting company, or to have Bridgetown host your site for you. 

Web Design

We want your site to look and sound like you. We work with your colors, fonts and imagery to reflect your company through our work.

Web Development

Once we have a good idea what we want the site to look like, we need to develop how we want the site to function. We pride ourselves on User Friendly WordPress Websites that are mobile responsive and SEO friendly. 

Website Management

Our WordPress sites are built using software that is updated frequently for security and bugs. You have the option to sign up for regular maintance and management programs that fit your needs, or, you can maintain the site yourself. 


All of our sites are built to be SEO friendly.  Active SEO is an ongoing service. We are fortunate to be connected with a few wonderful SEO companies that we can refer you to for active SEO.

What are security audits and software updates and why are they important?

Malia Tippets keeps an educated eye on shifts and trends in the world of website design. She focuses on creating an online home for your business that directly connects your business with your ideal clients.