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In as little as two weeks we can have your business online and selling .

Your simple, affordable solution to selling online.


Begin selling your products online.

Provide Gift Certificates for your customers to purchase and use at a later date.

Retain staff to build and manage your store (don’t worry, we will train them).


Take Care

of You.


Your business is ready to adapt to a new way of marketing and selling.

Maybe you knew this was coming. Maybe your long-term to-do list included e-commerce.

Maybe it never crossed your mind.

With our customized tutorials, you can retain and train your current staff, rather than paying an outside contractor for this work.

Don’t have a website?
No problem.

For as little as $1699 we can get you set up with a customized site and store in as little as three weeks.

Bridgetown Marketing is here to help.

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Malia Tippets keeps an educated eye on shifts and trends in the world of website design. She focuses on creating an online home for your business that directly connects your business with your ideal clients. 

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