Digital Marketing Blueprint

For years now, we have heard the same plea from business owners when it comes to their digital marketing strategy.

“Just tell me what the right thing is to do, and I will do it!”

Your simple, strategic and adaptive marketing plan.


Connect with your clients where they are living and looking.

Use your marketing dollars most effectively – through measurement and adaptable strategy.

Adapt your marketing efforts and pivot based on results and changes in demographic interests and technology changes.

Marketing doesn’t have to be hard.

You have tried it all.

Paid for ads on social media, had a new website built, tried to solicit reviews from your clients on Yelp and Google.

It has taken time, and money and energy that you don’t have to spare. And you aren’t even sure it is working for your business.

With the world of digital marketing changing all the time, it can feel like we will never find the right solution to successfully marketing our businesses.

The Digital Marketing Blueprint is here to help.

What is it?

The Digital Marketing Blueprint is a customized plan for your business marketing.

We dive into your business; the marketing you have tried, the places you come into contact with your customers, the way you are messaging your products and services. 

From there, we create for you a comprehensive, simple and step by step guide.

Your final product is a solution-based and action-focused plan, rooted in your specific business goals and built strategically for measurement and adaptability.

What does it include?

  • 90 minute discovery call
  • Step By Step Guide to the most adaptive and effective marketing for your business right now
  • Customized Living Editorial Calendar
  • Measurement plan and tools


Cost: $3500


We were burnt out. We had tried just about every new marketing fad that had come on the scene for the last 5 years with no follow through, and no understanding of what we could expect in ROI. 

The time Malia spent with us to understand our business, our customers and our goals was invaluable. 

We have, in-hand a marketing strategy that we feel empowered to follow through with. And the best part – we understand it.

Amber T.

Marketing Director, TopLine Delivery Inc.

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Malia Tippets keeps an educated eye on shifts and trends in the world of website design. She focuses on creating an online home for your business that directly connects your business with your ideal clients. 

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