Social Media Marketing.

We live in a time where communication with a captive audience is a benefit and a curse. There are a number of methods to attract and engage with your audience on various social media channels, but which is right for you and how much time, energy and money do you have to spend to be effective? We are here to help, both in understanding and in taking action.

DIY or DIFM (do it for me)?

Our goal with every social media management client is to capture your voice and then shout from the rooftops. 

Our process begins with a thorough look at what makes your company special and how you like to present yourself to the world. Are you the kind of company that speaks candidly and casually to your audience? Are your interactions with your audience limited or restricted legally by your industry? Is constant communication with your audience helpful or overwhelming? 

All of these questions and more will have an answer by the time we are publishing on your behalf. And the best part? We can do the heavy lifting (market research) for you. 

Limited by your budget? We have a few amazing options to get you pointed in the right direction to make the most efficient use of your time and money online.


Package Options

We understand that when it comes to marketing it can feel a little like, which comes first the chicken (marketing) or the egg (money). If you have felt stuck in this proverbial question – don’t worry! We have a marketing plan for even the smallest of marketing budgets.


Fully Managed Social

From market analysis to branding posts and monthly metrics, this option is for the company that knows they need it, but just don’t have the time.

Semi-Managed Social

The key to succesful social media marketing is 50% preparation and 50% agility. With our Semi-Managed plans we guide your messaging calendar and give you the tools to succeed.

DIY Social

You know you need it. You don’t think you can afford it. You don’t know where to start. Our DIY social media option includes analysis and a road map to get you posting when and where you need to post.

Malia Tippets | President, Bridgetown Marketing


Malia Tippets keeps an educated eye on shifts and trends in the digital marketing world. She casts a critical eye over marketing programs and provides her expert advice to small businesses throughout the nation.